The Ohio Department of Education has developed Early Learning Content Standards to preschool age children in the areas Approaches Toward Learning, Cognition and General Knowledge, Language and Literacy Development. These early learning standards describe essential concepts and skills for young children. Based on research, these achievable indicators emerge as the result of quality early learning experiences regardless of the setting (e.g. Nursery school, preschool, family care, etc.) In addition, the early learning content indicators are aligned to the K-12 indicators, benchmarks, and standards that result in a seamless education framework for children pre-kindergarten through kindergarten and primary grades.

These early learning standards serve as a framework for designed and implementing meaningful curriculum and intentional learning experiences within all preschool and child care settings. The early learning standards are the exceptions for the end of the preschool years and thus serve as a guide for our preschool program and also provide the foundation for professional development for staff.

Valley View Board of Education (BOE) has adopted a curriculum which supports the State’s Early Learning Content Standards. The “Creative Curriculum for Preschool” balances both teacher-directed and child-initiated learning, with an emphasis on responding to children’s learning styles and building on their strengths and interests. It helps teachers guide their students’ learning in literacy, math, science, and social studies without neglecting their social/emotional development. The curriculum features goals and objectives which are directly linked to the Content Standards and help the teachers define their vital role in connecting content, teaching and learning for our preschool children. The Valley View BOE has also adopted the Handwriting Without Tears program for preschool children.

Developmental appropriate program planning addresses developmentally appropriate materials and equipment.

Developmentally appropriate program planning addresses selection and use of developmentally appropriate materials, equipment and resources that the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs of each preschool child.