Miss Cindy


This is my 23rd year at Valley View and 20th year in Preschool. My husbands name is Doug and we have 2 children.  Joe is 16 and a Junior at Centerville High School.   Sarah is 11 and in sixth grade. Here are a few of my favorite things:

  • color: green
  • food: crab rangoons and orange chicken
  • snack: Baked Lays
  • Pet: a boxer named Penny
  • Favorite preschool Song: Can you Point Your Finger and Do the Twist? and I Think You’re Wonderful.
  • Favorite Field Trip: Wegerzen Gardens
  • Favorite Center: car wash (bubble and water)

I love teaching preschool and watching my little ones explore their world, grow and develop.

Miss Jen


Welcome to Valley View Preschool: Home of the Littlest Spartans! My name is Jen Fischer, and I am one of the classroom teachers here. I am originally from Aurora, Ohio near Cleveland and attended Miami UnIversity. I have had the honor of teaching my entire career at VV beginning in 1996 at Germantown Elementary.  At that time, I worked with students who had multiple handicaps in grades K-5 for my first five years. I am beginning my 18th year keeping busy and having fun in prek. My husband and I have four children [Kyle (20), Michael (18), Elizabeth (15), & Madelyn (12)], four cats, and one dog that wants to eat the cats. Life is always exciting!.

Some of my favorite preschool items are:

  • Songs: Dance, Freeze, Melt by Eric Litwin & Dino Stomp by Koo Koo Kanga Roo
  • Musical Groups: Koo Koo Kanga Roo & Classic Wiggles
  • Color: glitter [I belive it IS a color]
  • Story: Widget by Lyn Rossiter McFarland

I am very grateful for all the memories and laughs we make daily here at Valley View Preschool… Home of the Littlest Spartans ?

Miss Alissa


This will be my 10th year teaching at Valley View. I have taught preschool, kindergarten, and 3rd grade, so many of you may know me as Mrs. Eshbaugh.  I grew up in Brookville, Ohio and graduated from Miami University with my Bachelor’s Degree and earned my Master’s Degree from Wright State University.

At home, I love to spend time with my family and my pets. I am married to Mr. Eshbaugh and we have a 2 year old named Hudson and an 11 year old named Wyatt. We have a dog, 3 cats, and a turtle.


Some of my favorite things are:

  • Food: Sushi/Chinese
  • Hobbies: Reading, Swimming, and playing with my family

Miss Patti

Speech & Language Pathologist

It has been my pleasure to serve the students of Valley View Schools for the past 24 years. I will be working with the 3 to 5-year-old Preschoolers who attend our 1/2 day classes, 4 days per week. My job is to assess, diagnose, and do therapy with students whose speech and language difficulties make it difficult for them to access our preschool curriculum. I also provide interventions for our typically developing preschoolers when the teachers think some extra help is needed with their speech/language skills. All of our preschoolers participate in a weekly language/literacy lesson that can be part of their therapy, interventions and/or enrichment. But they all think they are just having fun!!

Mr Brad


This will be my third year of teaching preschool at Valley View.  I was born and raised in Germantown.  I graduated from Valley View in 2012.  I graduated in December 2016 from Kent State University where I majored in Early Childhood Education and was also a member of the Kent State football team.  My teaching style is fun, open and welcoming where children can be creative and explore.   I believe a teacher must be enthusiastic, energetic, caring and positive.

  •  Food: Pizza, wings, hibachi 
  • Ways I spend free time: Watching sports, spending time with friends & family, golfing 
  • Color: Blue