The last full week of every month is Parent Participation Week (PPW). This is a week dedicated to the parents and grandparents of our students to come, visit the class, and to spend time with their child. We welcome as much participation with the group that you and your child feel comfortable with. Please make arrangements for any siblings to remain home or with a childcare provider. In addition, please refrain from talking and texting on cellphones while in the classroom. If there is an emergency, please move to a hallway or take the call outside to minimize additional distraction within the room. We appreciate your understanding and support of these requests.

PPW will begin the last full week of September.

Staff asks the parents to provide at least 24 hours notice of when you wish to visit by writing in your child’s notebook, leaving a message with the office at 855-4203, or email us. We ask for the notice due to the following reasons:

  1. We want to limit the number of visitors on a specific day so as to not overwhelm the children.
  2. On occasion, we have had students that may be having a rough transition periods or “phase” and need the least amount of change as possible. If this is the situation, staff will reschedule a day at the visiting adult’s convenience. We won’t cancel PPW for that month.
  3. We have some days during the week that mat be considered more “fun” to visit on and provide more opportunities for involvement within the classroom.

Please let us know if you have any questions about Parent Participation Week. Thanks again for sharing your child with us and for the support of our program. We look forward to your visit.