Below are a couple of videos of a student and teacher working one-on-one on writing a journal entry.

Writing With Your Preschooler

Some preschoolers are ready to start sentence writing (knows their letter sounds, understands the difference between a letter, word, and sentence, can sound out some words). This video is an example of how to help your student be successful when starting to write sentences. Not every student is ready for sentence writing. However, you can use some of these same techniques when helping them draw their picture and/or label their picture if they are ready for that.

Writing With Your Preschooler Continued…

This video focuses more on the actual writing portion of the journal entry.

What if your child is not ready for sentence writing?

Most preschoolers are not. If your student is not ready for sentence writing or labeling their picture with letters/words, scribing for them is appropriate. Simply ask the student what their picture shows or ask them what they would like written below their picture.

Do they have to draw their picture?

If your child would rather cut out pictures from magazines, use real printed pictures of their experiences, etc., they can! Whatever gets them most interested in writing!