Preschool is fun every day, but we always have time for a party. There will be 4 main parties during the school year… Halloween (with costumes), Christmas/Holiday (including caroling and a pinata), Valentine’s Day (decorate shoe boxes/ tissue boxes and have a valentine exchange), and a Class & Family Picnic on the last day of school at Veteran’s Park. Unlike the older students, we hold our parties on the actual date of the holiday being recognized versus the closest Friday. In the event that the Holiday falls on a weekend, we will hold our celebrations the Thursday before. To avoid duplicates and control the amount of sweets, staff will send home sign-up sheets approximately two weeks prior to the event for those who want to contribute items/snacks for the party. This is optional. Other “special” days will be held throughout the year that usually lasts 15-25 minutes at the end of class. Examples can include but are not limited to, a Feast, Camping Day, an Egg Hunt, Beach Day and Pet Day. Information will be noted on Parent Square, monthly calendars, weekly updates, Progress Book and email reminders.

Although parties can be a very fun and exciting event, it is important to remember, for some children, the disruption of their routine can also be a stressful and/or cause anxiety for the students. As a result, we try to maintain a consistent structure with predictable patterns for all to follow. If you plan to bring a younger sibling, it is the responsibility of the parent to inform staff prior to the event and be fully responsible for the child while at school. We love all children, but our main focus in the classroom is that of our currently enrolled students and meeting their needs academically, physically, and behaviorally/emotionally. With that in mind, please keep conversations with other parents, as well as on cell phones, to a minimum during any instructional periods whenever visiting the preschool setting.

Some students may also want to share a birthday treat their classmates. This is voluntary and not required. If you/your child wishes to do so, please let staff know prior to sending anything in as there may be food allergies. In some situations, children may share a birthday or have them within a day or so, and staff will want to spread out the yummies/sugar. If your child has a summer birthday or over break, they can still participate. Just let the staff know and a date can be worked out.

Let us know is you have any questions or concerns. Don’t forget to check (and save) your calendars for the month’s events. Thanks in advance for all your help making every event a success for the kids.