How to get the most out of Show & Tell, and why take the time?

The Preparations

  • Weekly topics/categories are posted in the monthly calendar and reminders are included on Progress Book and in the Weekly Update.
    • Younger Students – colors, shapes, numbers, sort by attributes, patterns, and opposites
    • Older Students – letters (from simplest to more complex formation based on Handwriting Without Tears curriculum) and rhyming families
  • Help your child find an item that is meaningful.interesting to them that also aligns with the topic.category, but do not just put something in their bag without their knowledge. Books, student-drawn pictures, and photos from the internet are always welcome. Show & Tell items should be able to fit inside a backpack.
    Please Do Not Send items of great sentimental or monetary value or items that suggest violence (such as toy weapons and/or action figures with weapons).
  • Refer to the outline to help review/organize your child’s thoughts. Model/repeat correct sentence structure if the child is weak in language. Model/encourage soft-spoken children to speak louder. Help/practice builds confidence for all children but is especially beneficial for a child who is shy.
  • Challenge Activity – Model a “Question and Answer Time” to give a concrete example of how to ask a question. Using stuffed animals/puppets as well as other family members can make this more like a game.

The Benefits

  • Speech Development – Show & Tell provides an opportunity to use language, conceptual thinking, and storytelling skills that will then develop into effective communication.
  • Emotional Development – Having an opportunity to share a part of the child’s life – an interest, their home life, family, joy, and struggles help to foster their emotional self.
  • Listening Skills – Other kids are placed in a structure where they learn to be respectful as they are guided with proper manners when someone is speaking.
  • Leadership – From choosing the item, to talking in the front, to using their vocal chords, all contribute to leadership development in decision making, leading and commanding attention.

Some Picture Books Relating to Show & Tell

  • Too Shy for Show-and-Tell (Little Boost) by Beth Braken and Jennifer A. Bell
  • Maya’s Voice by Wen-Wen Cheng
  • Show & Tell Day by Anne Rockwell and Lizzy Rockwell
  • Henry’s Show and Tell by Nancy Carlson
  • Show and Tell by Robert Munsch Michael and Martchenko
  • Yoko’s Show & Tell by Rosemany Wells
  • Rhyme Time at School A Fun and Silly Rhyming Picture Book Show and Tell by Ellin G Wood
  • Show and Tell by Mercer Mayer